Build Your First Home With As Little As $1k Deposit

Learn how to build your first home with as little as $1k deposit and access upto $50k in grants and savings!

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Build Your First Home With As Little As $1k Deposit

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Last Chance Homebuilder Grant Event

  • Upto $40K Grant Approved Homes
  • Home Loan Financial Hints & Tips
  • Great Legal/Conveyancer Advice
  • Buy Now & Zero Repayments Until You Move In
  • Fixed Price Move In Ready Homes In 3-12 months


Three reasons to try us

FHMM's Fast Start 90

Accelerate buying your first home, with our Fast Start 90 specialised program. Designed by our Broker and Builder panel to get you financially fit faster, to make home ownership a reality even sooner!

First Home Buyer Authority

We access a specialised first home buyer Broker and Builder panel that provides you with guidance and support no matter what stage in the process you are at. The best bit is, we are a FREE service to you and 100% Australian owned and operated!

Streamlined Build Partners

Our national Broker and Builder panel work tirelessly to fast start you into the property market by not only getting you into your own home sooner, but offering fixed price, move in ready new home packages.

How It Really Works?

Taking The First Step

Register for our information pack today. Our First Home Match Maker Team will get in touch with you in the coming days to get you started.

Understanding Your Eligibility

Our national panel of accredited brokers will discuss your home ownership goal and help you build a strategy toward reaching that goal sooner, from better money management to sustainable savings plans like our Fast Start 90 program


Choosing Your First Home

The FHMM builder panel work alongside our broker panel to maximise your new home build design without breaking the bank…all whilst you enjoy piece of mind of building a quality fixed price, brand new, move in ready home!

About Our Company

Australian owned and operated, we provide a genuine service that links first home buyers with trusted brokers, builders and other professional services to get you into your first home quicker and for less deposit

We truly believe that every successful strategy starts with an excellent client relationship, with a first home broker. We then connect you with the right first home builder who works alongside your first home broker to deliver a strategic product that will accelerate your home ownership journey.

Planning your financial future has never been so EASY!

  • Access to savings, grants and incentives
  • Your free Australian industry service
  • National Broker and Builder Panel
  • Industry material, National Support Team
  • Fixed price,move in ready Home and Land Packages

Get started

Not Enough Savings? Join Our Fast Start 90!

Unsure what is a safe budget or even if you qualify? That is why we at First Home Match Maker have a panel of trusted, tried and tested First Home specialists. Plus, with our Fast Start 90 specialised program, chances are we can get you financially fit faster!

The Team at First Home Match Maker have access to Brokers and Builders Nationally. They will refer you to a Broker and Builder relevant to your individual circumstances. All Brokers and Builders on the Panel work strategically together to package up an affordable quality outcome for everyone.

First step is us getting to understand your finance position and property needs better. Then we will select the best first home broker specialist from our national panel to assist you. They will contact you and get you started on getting finance ready. Once your first home broker has identified your finance journey, they will suggest the right builder specialist from our national panel to begin bringing the dream of home ownership to reality!

We are an Australian owned and operated digitally based business. The trusted Brokers and Builders on our panel are all accredited and located nationally for convenience.

Depending on your location and previous home ownership, a First Home Broker Specialist will help determine what Savings, Grants and Incentives that may be available to you

The Team at First Home Match Maker understand that building is not for everyone or best fits their property journey. The Team at First Home Match Maker can also assist you referring to other Network Professionals Nationally that suits your individual requirements.